Monday, April 14, 2008


3:30 PM Today: Phone call from doctor's office: There's a problem with the X-ray machine that has to be fixed, so the doctor is seeing patients at a different building.
Me: A problem with the X-ray machine? Like radiation?
DO: No, it's not a radiation problem, it just needs to be fixed.

3:40: Leave house for different office.

3:45: Return home to retrieve MRI images; try again.

4:00: Arrive at doctor's office. Find seat in packed waiting room.

5:02: Still in packed waiting room.

5:09: Speculate that people seem to be going into the doctor's offices but not coming out. Maye they're being turned into Soylent Green.

5:31: Called to exam room.

5:45: Doc comes in. Bends my leg, it bends and straightens better. Reads report, MRI place says ACL is fine, slight bone bruise on femur (upper leg bone). Doc shows me MRI, the ACL looks great, the meniscus looks okay for having been operated on, there a little blood inside the bone (bone bruise) of the femur where it's at my knee, as a result of my injury.

Doc says to take it easy for a month. Work on quads and hamstrings, and stretch hamstring. No sparring or grappling for a month; no torquing the leg for a month, but I can attend core classes (non-contact) if I don't torque the leg. If it still hurts in a month, come back. I ask about why my brace didn't prevent the injury, and he suggests having it adjusted by the brace maker.

It's a relief that nothing serious is damaged, though I would rather be able to plunge back into things.


Steve said...

Yay! Good news, indeed. Now the hard part... taking it easy.

BobSpar said...

Lol! You're right, Steve!

Michele said...

I am happy to hear that nothing serious is wrong with your knee. Try to take it easy!

BobSpar said...

Thanks, Michele.

Hack Shaft said...

Congrats on the good news.

And trust yourself, not your brace, to prevent injury!

BobSpar said...

I'm not sure my wife, who's very concerned about my getting hurt again, would take kindly to my going sparring without a brace. On the other hand, it sure didn't help me last time.

Blackbeltmama said...

Great news! What a relief. Just rest up and you'll be back in no time. I bet seeing that in tact ACL was a fabulous moment for you!

BobSpar said...

Yeah, BBM, I was even happy to see the screws still in the bones for my new ACL!