Sunday, April 6, 2008

Knee Improving

My knee has been improving--most significantly, it feels easier to straighten the leg out. I'm going to get the MRI anyway Monday night, but I'm very hopeful that the improvements so far suggest this was just a temporary setback.

I won't know until Monday, April 14, when I can next see the doctor to hear what the MRI said. I don't relish waiting that long. I also wonder how to work out in the meantime.

Even if my injury is just temporary, I have to think about how to prevent such setbacks in the future. Perhaps it means being selective about sparring partners. Perhaps it would mean curbing some of my competitive spirit during sparring, which would be disappointing to me and perhaps hard to do.

I'm in Virginia, visiting my parents for a quick weekend visit. Traveling by plane was fine. My son, however, who is with me, came down with a fever this morning.

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