Thursday, April 3, 2008

Waiting for an MRI

I saw an orthopedic doc today. The good news is the leg is still stable, meaning the ACL held up.

The bad news, he said, is that I can't straighten my leg out flat--fully extend it, so that if I were sitting on the floor, I would be pressing the back of the knee against the floor.

I told him the reason I can't straighten out my leg is because it hurts! But he's worried something might have gotten knocked loose and be interfering with the mechanics. That would NOT be a good thing, even if it's far less extreme than an ACL injury.

I'm thinking it may just be the fluid and swelling from the injury that is keeping me from fully extending my leg.

I'll get an MRI Monday night, and a few days later I'll get see this doctor again.

My wife said to me this morning that she's concerned about "this pursuit of health that leads to injuries."

In my mind was the Bob Dylan line, "You're gonna make me give myself a good talking to." I need to find out how serious this injury is. But it does make me think about changes like declining to spar with teens who are nimble enough to kick me in the head. And it also makes me wonder about taking up fitness boxing, where you don't have as much impact, twisting and other stress on the legs.


Meanwhile, my old Cryo-cuff, from my ACL operation, is on, backwards, cooling off the back of my knee.

I'll just have to wait for a week to see what the doctor says, and then consider what to do next. I hope it's not serious.


Hack Shaft said...

Hopefully the worst thing you'll have to endure is this week of waiting. Best of luck Monday!

Blackbeltmama said...

I'll be sending good knee vibes your way. I'm just sick waiting to hear this news, and hope there's nothing to report.

Michele said...

Waiting is the worst.

Good luck Monday with your MRI.

Steve said...

Good luck! Waiting through the weekend will be tough. :(

BobSpar said...

Thanks for the wishes, everybody. My knee is getting better through RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) so, although I still can't flatten it fully yet, I hope it will turn out to be fine in the MRI.