Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Hurt My Knee

My knee hyperextended tonight in sparring.

We were only sparring to the body, no head punches, which leads to a very close, high-intensity battle. I was sparring with a tall, fellow brown belt in his mid to late teens. We were both clinching for knee kicks, if I recall; he stepped back, and I put my weight on my recovering left leg and hyperextended it. I went down right away. I got hurt even though I was wearing my brace, which primarily prevents the knee from going sideways.

My ACL is fine, but I pulled something behind and on the side of my knee. If I try to straighten out my knee, it hurts. I am walking very carefully and will probably work from home tomorrow. I've been icing my knee, I took a naproxen, and I had a couple sips of red wine to boot.

It was heart-warming how quickly classmates and my sensei came to my aid when I fell. Everybody was worried I had re-injured my knee. Nothing popped, but it sure is sore.

My wife and daughter got me ice and cleared off the couch. I can see they're worried.


Jed said...

If you got a Cryo-cuff during surgery those are the absolute best for icing knees :).

It's absolute superstition but bring your Cryo-cuff and crutches to every match (or what ever the Martial Art Equivalent is). I think we had 2 ACLs at Nashbash and I lent my crutches to a friend.

Statistically speaking I've never torn an ACL when I had my crutches with me ...

Hyper extension in my case was a PCL. I had somebody land on my leg when it was stretched out in soccer. Which is why when ACL #1 went I ignored it because I thought it was just another PCL extension.

Michele said...

Oh, no!

Rest and ice are a good idea. I hope your knee feels better today.

BobSpar said...

Thanks for the suggestions.

Jed, great idea, my wife helped me find the Cryo-cuff, and I've got it on now.

Michele, I'm working from home today to give it a rest.

PCL--hmm, one more thing in the knee that can go wrong.

Blackbeltmama said...

This is my worst nightmare! I really do hope you're o.k. It makes me think about one of my readers who told me after my ACL tear that I should take up tai chi. Maybe a slightly different "pursuit of health" is in order.

When I do go back, I'm going to make sure I'm only working with people I really really trust. I'm not going to be afraid to say no either. Don't be. You don't want to go through this again!

Anonymous said...

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