Monday, April 21, 2008

Exercise, Socialize

I've fallen off on my training a bit, not only because of my bruised femur, but also because I've been having more of a social life lately, which isn't such a bad thing. Work has also been very busy, which again, isn't so bad in the grand scheme of things.

One corollary to having a little more social life is the occasional drink. My impression is that some people, in intense training, don't drink. One very quick Google of alcohol and exercise yields this quote: Consuming alcohol the night before an activity can hinder your performance by causing dehydration and loss of minerals and electrolytes. I think even one drink affects my athletic performance the next day. And yet a glass of red wine a day is supposed to be good for the heart. I guess, for those of us able to use moderation, it comes down to how intensely are you training. If it's intense, I probably won't drink at all.

Today I did half an hour on the elliptical machine in the afternoon, and in the evening did some leg PT, sit-ups and push-ups. Tomorrow, one of our "core" classes--shadow boxing, hitting and kicking pads, a little self defense, and LOTS of push-ups and sit-ups/crunches.

Finally, the Calzaghe-Hopkins fight Saturday night was a GREAT boxing match because it was about two minds contesting. Hopkins, the amazing 43-year-old (on the left in the photo above), had studied Calzaghe and come up with a plan, a way to fight him, a way to nullify the 36-year-old Welshman's incredible speed. After about four rounds, Calzaghe figured out how to combat Hopkins' clever plan. And Hopkins couldn't readjust, leading Calzaghe to the win.


Eloria Serenity aka Paula said...

I understand how hard it is to deal with and injury and start over. I have just recently hyper-extended my knee in my first few weeks back, and doing everything I can to recover and make it for my orange belt promotions soon.

BobSpar said...

Thanks, Paula. What are you doing for recovery? My main concern is, how do I keep it from happening again? I may get my knee brace readjusted, but I was hoping to lose the brace altogether sooner or later--it's been a year since my ACL reconstruction.

Eloria Serenity aka Paula said...

I hate wearing a brace, but until it fully recovers, I am stuck with one. For me, with a brace, I have been working on deep back and horse stances to work all of the legs. Also doing some kicks and knee thrust, where I know you cannot.

Mainly, also been doing exercise to strengthen the muscles of the knee with lunges, leg lifts, and stretching. If I feel it is to much for my knee, I back off a little bit and just push myself more than a little next time. I also take a day off in between classes and personal training to rest and let the muscles repair and rebuild themselves.

Also I relate about loved ones being concerned over healthy focus that causes injury. My fiance has been real fussy with me since I hurt my knee, and I love to do kumite and shadow box.