Thursday, August 9, 2007


Two big milestones:

On Tuesday, my physical therapist said I'm through with PT in the office. I should continue doing some of the exercises, over the next couple of months, or "until you get bored." On my last exercise of the evening, I broke the flexible band tying my feet together. "You're done," another therapist said.

On Wednesday, my knee doctor said I could return--carefully, with initial restrictions--to martial arts, once I get a custom-made titanium brace for my knee. I can't do contact stuff ("combat" he called it) until January, and I need to avoid kicking or torquing with my left leg for six to eight weeks. I shouldn't even do sprints for six to eight weeks, he said.

Surprisingly, I feel a bit let down because I couldn't go back to class right away. I'm getting fitted for the knee brace Saturday morning, before we go on a short vacation to Boston.

I'm trying to figure out how to fit all these activities into my schedule:
Cardio workout
Interval workout (sprints--eventually)
Upper body resistance (beyond push ups)
Lower body resistance
Knee PT
Martial arts

I'll sit down with some paper and start figuring this out on vacation.

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