Saturday, August 11, 2007


Today, before we hit the road for a vacation to visit friends in Boston, I'm getting fitted for my titanium knee brace.

My colleagues at work have this image either that I'm going to be the Bionic Man or, if they're younger, I'm becoming a Transformer. I've had to tell people there is no hydraulic assist on this thing, and it doesn't shoot missiles.

Apparently I need to have a cast made of my leg. I wonder if I'll have any hairs left around my knee after the cast is removed.

Yesterday I got the the gym with a colleague from work and did some bag training. What a stress relief. I felt so much happier.

A book I'm taking on vacation is The Ultimate Boxer, by a women's boxing coach named Christy Halbert. Besides being interested in what it teaches about boxing, I want to use it to help me craft an exercise program that I can fit into my schedule.

One thing that struck me right away is that she talked about not only cardio conditioning from aerobic running, but also interval work, which in the past I've found was the best way for me to lose weight and get in top shape for a tournament. In my case, I would go to a track, and after jogging for a mile to warm up, I would alternate sprinting for 15 seconds and walking or jogging for 30 seconds, starting at one mile and increasing over time.

When I can DO this interval work, besides one day a weekend, I'm not sure. Maybe it's enough to do it on the weekend. I can do a different type of interval workout on bags, and during martial arts class when I return, I guess.