Sunday, August 5, 2007

He Kneels!

I did something yesterday that I had been frightened of trying out: I kneeled on my left knee, the one I had surgery on (lovely current photo of the knee above). And I was able to put some weight on it!

It happened accidentally. I was in the gym and had just done 50 push ups with my legs raised on a 55 cm Swiss ball. The pushups were harder than usual for some reason, and I was thinking about that. Somehow in the process of coming down from the ball, I put my weight on, not only my right knee, but also my left knee. I realized I had my weight on my left knee--and it didn't hurt! I could definitely FEEL my knee in a way that wasn't normal, but it wasn't pain. I was so happy, it made me realize that I probably will eventually be able to grapple from my knees again some day.

I was at the gym for the bag workout I hadn't had for the prior two days. Besides the push ups, stretching and 50 inclined sit ups, I went on the StairMaster for 10 minutes just to get a little bit of a sweat up. I did a little speed bag work--I'm not very good at it, but it's fun and I assume it is helping my hand speed--and then, because I was impatient to get to the bag, only three two-minute sessions of shadow boxing.

Then I got to it: Five three-minute sessions on the bag, starting with single punches and working my way up to combinations. I did try switching to a southpaw stance for a little bit each round. Fighting southpaw--having the right hand forward, confusingly--would protect my left leg somewhat, but also I've read in a kickboxing book that people should be able to switch their stance (something my school doesn't teach). The bag training was very satisfying.

But even more so was kneeling.

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