Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back from Boston

I'm back from Boston, where I had a relaxing visit with some friends. My wife was with me the first three days, and my daughter stayed for the fourth day as well. We attended a concert one evening my daughter wanted to see; I liked two of the bands, Incubus and The Bravery, but truly should have brought ear plugs, my hearing is already suffering and my ears were still ringing the next morning. My daughter loved it, though, which was fun to see.

I was pleased to see my friend the Astronomer was going to the gym every weekday morning. His wife, the Moral Genius (really bright couple) has had just about all the cartilage removed from her knees, so climbing stairs and such is really painful. But she's been swimming (except now, when the pool is being renovated) to stay in shape. They were college classmates of mine, it's great to see them keeping fit. I'm happy my wife and my friends--including these two and another couple--get along so well.

I haven't heard back that my knee brace is ready yet, but that's not surprising, it hasn't even been a week.

Tomorrow, I'm going off by myself to the Catskills, to stay at a friend's place, alone for two nights. I'm going to read, do slow kicks, do knee physical therapy, crunches/sit ups, push ups, but generally just relax a bit.

Actually, per a prior post, I'm also going to figure out an exercise plan--how to fit all the different types of conditioning I want to do, including my return to core karate classes, into a busy schedule that includes my 3-hour round-trip to work each day. I may have to include some cardio and martial arts on the same day, but I really need pencil and paper to figure it all out.

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