Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Little Like Elvis

Thank goodness few people are reading this blog, because I would surely get in trouble otherwise for saying: I'm not a huge Elvis Presley fan.

Despite my lack of fandom, last night I attended a show by a couple of top-rated Elvis impersonators--or Elvis tribute artists, as they are called in the business. It was actually an outing by the extended family, because one of the artists, Donny Edwards (see photo), is dating my wife's second cousin. It was a fun evening, especially because we got seating up close--I was sitting the the second row of a small auditorium. Donny's role at the concert was to portray Elvis as a young singer.

We all know what happened to Elvis when he got older--overweight, unhealthy, addicted to pills. I'm not addicted or particularly unhealthy, but when I got on the scale this morning, I hit 200 pounds--a 10-pound gain since I got my ACL surgery. It's not quite the highest I've weighed post-surgery--at one point before I could exercise I hit 200.5--but I am not pleased. Blame vacation and too much food for this recent surge from about 198. (To put this in perspective, I'm six-feet, one-and-a-half inches tall.)

A little too much hunk of burnin' love at the moment.

Once I get back in karate class, I'll get rid of that weight.

I'm seeing my New Sensei on Tuesday to meet him and to talk about returning to class. I hope the new knee brace will be ready this next week, though with our planned vacation the following week, I may not get back to class until September.

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