Sunday, January 13, 2008

Juno and Family; Work and Martial Arts

We're shorthanded at work, and I've agreed to help with some editing and supervision of another six reporters while the right person for that job is found. Like adding another child to a family, my additional charges have generated jealousy among some of my existing reporters. I felt that it wouldn't be good to say no to the (temporary) responsibilities. It will be good to be learning about other parts of my (still new-ish) organization, but I am going to be hammered for time--and one of the reasons I took this job was that the time demands were discrete, not endless. I worry a bit that my time for martial arts will suffer, but I will do my best--I was able to put aside time in my prior job, so I should still be able to do it.

My wife, daughter and I saw the movie Juno Friday night (see photo). Juno, a girl with a spunky attitude and an amazing scriptwriter, gets pregnant in high school. Since we formed our family be adoption, the plights of a quirky but good, unmarried 16-year-old girl and a family trying to adopt made it an especially sweet and moving film for us, while also being very funny.

This week, I went to core class Thursday and Saturday, and we had a quick meeting of the Jersey City Fight Club Friday. I'm hoping to make it to the gym today. It's turning out that Monday is typically my day off now.

In two weeks, I'll be in Hawaii with my wife on the 25th anniversary trip that got delayed by my ACL surgery. I can't wait.

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