Friday, November 30, 2007

Jersey City Fight Club

At work, some of the other editors and I have formed the Jersey City Fight Club--Jersey City because that's where we are (viewed from Manhattan in photo above), and it sounds so much better than wimpy names like "Manhattan Fight Club." Occasionally on Friday afternoons, we get together at the gym downstairs, and I lead them through shadow boxing and a bag workout.

The feedback is very clear. Ben, Gen-Y-er who did some boxing for fitness a few years back, said after the first one that he couldn't lift his arms the next day. Linda, my boss's boss, said her arms hurt until the following Tuesday. Alecia started picturing her prior publisher in her mind as she was punching the bag...and shortly afterwards her hands started hurting.

Clearly, I'm doing something right.

Today was supposed to be one of our days, but there was just too much work--I couldn't break away. I ended up working a bit late.

I was disappointed--a bag workout is a great stress reliever--but it's probably good to take a day off.


MCA said...

Ouch, ACL injuries always sound painful. Good luck on your recovery.

Oh, and if you want to kill some time, check out -- all things Jersey City.

BobSpar said...

Thanks, mca.

Go Jersey City!