Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Across The Universe

On Saturday, my wife, daughter and I saw "Across the Universe," the movie using Beatles songs to stitch together a narrative about some young people during the tumultuous 60s. It was fabulous. The voices were wonderful; the interpretation of the songs was fresh and eye-opening: "I Want To Hold Your Hand" was done as a song of heartbreak and unrequited love, rather than a song of wooing; "Let It Be" sounded so natural as a Gospel song, with church choir and everything, that you can hardly believe it wasn't written that way. The story in the movie was a bit two-dimensional, but because it was so tied to the music, I really didn't mind.

The soundtrack is the top-downloaded movie music on iTunes.

I've tried to spend a little time outside. I went for a brief walk on the board walk in a nearby town--very cold however!

I also went for a walk with my camera this evening. I realized that so often fall comes and goes, and I suddenly realize I've missed the leaves. I think it's related to the way we spend our time driving, or commuting to work, or working long hours. I didn't get much time outside, it was a bit late in the day to have enough light for photographing the trees. I'll do it again tomorrow, when I have another day off.

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