Friday, January 4, 2008

Hack Shaft Beats ACL; Pavlik Beats Taylor

Good news on several fronts tonight.

Paul ("Hack Shaft") is making a terrific recovering from ACL so far, it appears. He even watched his operation. Tough dude.

Meanwhile, Black Belt Mama is continuing her strong recovery from ACL surgery.

I did 26 minutes on the elliptical machine today (why 26? I was too bored for 30 minutes) and am skipping my core martial arts class tonight, to rest my arms from the private trainer's hellacious workout yesterday. I'll take a core class tomorrow.

Meanwhile, tonight at 8 PM (EST) I'm watching on HBO the tape of the Taylor-Pavlik boxing match (see image above, as Pavlik won). Pavlik took Taylor's middleweight title. It was reportedly one heck of a match--Pavlik almost got knocked out in an early round, but returned full force to knock out Taylor in the end. But I had declined to pay extra for PPV to see it. I'm glad I can see it tonight--if I can wrest control of a TV from family members.

Why should martial artists be interested in boxing, despite its many scandals, risk of injuring participants, etc.? My argument: 1) it's a martial art; 2) it requires discipline, courage and timing, just like any other martial art; 3) it requires real tactical insight and clear thinking because, unlike, say, MMA, it lasts round after round, and boxers have to adjust their game.

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Hack Shaft said...

Yah, I even offered to sew things up for the surgeon...NOT!!! :-)

Thanks for your awesome support, I can't believe how much I have to smile about today.