Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nautical Cruise; Knots In A Jumprope

On Saturday night, about 140 students of my martial arts school and their immediate families went on a dinner cruise. My wife got to meet a lot of the people I train with, or see them again. While she's very supportive of my avocation, she has no interest in doing martial arts herself, beyond maybe Tai Chi.

I realized while introducing her to people how many of my friends in the school are, like me, at the Brown Belt Bottleneck. Many of them, like me, have had setbacks due to injuries.

The boat, on Nautical Cruise Lines, ride stayed close to Long Island and was fun. I think the boat pictured above is the one we were on.

I'm on vacation this week and getting to do some extra training and cross training. Yesterday I went through the push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, dips, squats and elliptical routine my trainer and I worked out. Today I just did cardio, doing the elliptical for 20 minutes and, for the first time since I wrecked my ACL, about 7 minutes of jumprope on a padded mat. The front of my leg below my knee hurt a bit, but not a lot.

I've forgotten a lot about jumping rope, but It was fun to do it again.

Tonight, I'm going to core class.


Hack Shaft said...

Ah, yes, jumping rope.

I have a brand new one, never used, hanging on the door behind me; I was just about to start jumping rope as conditioning for sparring when my ACL went buh-bye!

Glad to read you're getting so strong now.

BobSpar said...

That's funny, hack, because I actually did the same thing. I have a nifty leather jump rope that I bought shortly before blowing out my ACL.

I love the countdown in your blog. Great attitude!

brucek said...

At 49 basically my whole body hurts...even my hair. I have been thinking about using that jump rope that has been hanging in the closet, but even the thought is hurting my knees.

BobSpar said...

Hi, BruceK,

I don't know how much exercise you've been doing. If you haven't been doing any exercise, you might want to start with something other than jumping rope. If you do jump rope, you really need to do it on a mat--not on a hard floor. And you should gradually build up. And you should really stretch, before and after. I've torn soft tissue in my calf from jump roping, and that was when I was a young punk of 45 or 46.