Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Aikido v. Judo

Here's a very interesting post from Mokuren Dojo about Aikido v Judo.

Aikido sounds fascinating to me, and sounds like a very ethical form of self defense--you can defend yourself without hurting your opponent if you wish. However, it sounds like it doesn't provide much exercise, which is very important for my physical and mental health, and I don't see how I can take up yet another activity at this point.

Maybe some day.


Paul said...

I'm enjoying Kokikai Aikido and am a similar age and background to you. I tore my ACL in my 20s, had it repaired, and trained for a number of years. I've got black belts in a couple of styles. Recently, I was doing a modern style of kung fu that includes boxing techniques, but my shoulders were wearing out, so I started cross training with Aikido, it has been great. I still lift weights and ride my bike, but the aikido gives me the martial arts fix without the level of wear and tear. I am telling you all this because it may be food for thought sort of speak for you. Good luck.

Bob McG said...

Belated thanks for your comment. I worry that without an ACL aikido would be tough. Sounds like you've found a great solution for yourself.