Wednesday, August 25, 2010

End of Summer

A lot of changes are in the works here. Our daughter moves into her dorm in New York City on Sunday, and it's going to be really tough seeing her go, though she's nearby. Our son is starting to take a full course load farther out on Long Island, along with work and his own apartment, all of which is great.

To help pay for all this college, we're trying to live a bit more simply. For one thing, we've gone down to one car, which I kind of like; my wife gives me a ride in the morning to the train, and it's nice to see her even if she's sleepy.

New beginnings for my kids, and the fall season, call for new beginnings for me. In martial arts, my goals are to improve my close-range sparring, boost my conditioning, flow better in grappling, and shave off a few more pounds to get down to a fighting weight below 190. I'm not specifically aiming for my second-degree black belt--that may require more effort than I can put into training right now, given the growing commitment my work is requiring.

Cheers to everybody, and enjoy the end of summer.


Ellie Belen said...

Congratulations on your daughter going to college and your son's continued studies.

I know how you feel. My son just finished college and is moving from home (Detroit Metro Area) to Chicago. It's really tough for my husband and I to see him go.

But now we get to visit Chicago.

Good luck on your training too.

BobSpar said...

Thanks, Ellie.