Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Workout Interruptus

Missed grappling tonight; daughter is not feeling well, wife out at a class.

Tried starting up the 100 pushups project... again. Started at Week 3.

Then went into the basement, wrapped my hands, put on bag gloves and did some punching, slipping, kicking on the heavy bag. Spinning back kick keeps missing. Trying to train myself to throw/kick in combinations, to move my head, to move to the side instead of straight back.

The bag fell onto the ground. I spent some time screwing the supporting hook into the rafter again and getting the bag up again.

Started boxing, kicking, slipping, moving again.

Boom! Bag fell off again a few minutes later. The hook isn't working. I need a real connector now!

End of workout. At least I worked up a little sweat, and maybe drilled a few good habits.


BBat50 said...

Heh, I just found this blog. Same theme as mine... discovering the martial arts in "middle age" and dealing with the facts of where I am and what I can do. I started in my late 40s and now, at 52, am probably in my martial arts prime.

My school is blended martial arts, a kenpo-based with kick boxing and krav mega self-defense.

My blog is a little neglected at this point


T. said...

Hey, I found this blog too! I've actually been reading it for a while. I tried doing the 100 pushups project...again...too. Sadly, no consistency. Maybe a new month will bring me extra motivation.

I primarily train in Isshinryu Karate.