Saturday, July 17, 2010

Doc to Bob: "We're Getting Old"

I had my annual physical this week. I still need to get blood work done, but the report was very positive, she said I'm doing great. Weight's good, blood pressure's good, etc.

I, being a worrier, told my doctor I was worried because I still have a cough left over from being sick last month.

Doc to Bob: "We're getting old. You were really sick last month," things tend to stay inflamed or take longer to heal when we get old. She said not to worry, I'm doing great.

Of course, it's a little jarring being told I'm old by somebody my age, as opposed to, say, my kids.

I think, technically speaking, she was jumping the gun. I'm still in middle age. I think next year, at 55, I'm in "late middle age."

Late-Middle-Aged Martial Artist?


Steve said...

You have a huge advantage over most guys your age in the USA. You're active and healthy. I'd say your 55 is more like most people's 40.

BobSpar said...

Thanks, Steve. I am sort of amazed sometimes that I'm rolling around on the floor at 54!

SueC said...

Hey! You're not old Bob. Docs don't know everything!

BobSpar said...

Thanks, Sue!

Felicia said...

It's all so relative! I say oldER than you were last year this time, not old, Bob. With age comes wisdom - and a few more techniques learned and honed!! Congrats on being in such good shape :-)