Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cross Training Question

Happy 4th. Question for the day: Does it make sense to run once a week as a form of cross training?

I'm getting cardio workouts at the gym on a bike or elliptical machine, aiming for twice a week. I'm getting good workouts three days a week (more anaerobic) for four hours in my MA training.

So is running on my Sundays going to help build my cardio in addition to all this? Or is it going to just be an opportunity for injury? (I suppose I could run on a treadmill at the gym, but yawn.)


SueC said...

sounds like you're getting plenty of cardio training already. However, there is something about training in the great outdoors. Perhaps you could substitute one of your gym sessions for a run? May be not every week but when the weathers nice? I don't see why you would be more likely to injure yourself on an outdoor run than in the gym if you have the right shoes.

BobSpar said...

I've had plantar fasciitis so that's what I'm worried about in terms of getting hurt, but I did go out this weekend looking for good replacement running shoes. Maybe, maybe I can run outside once in a while in the AM, but only if it doesn't get me to work too late.