Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Sparred tonight. I don't like getting hit in the head by people who don't know how hard they're punching. I don't like that I still have a hard time dealing with people who rush in. I feel like I don't know how to spar right now and wonder if I'm past the age where it's fun. Blah.


Michele said...

At any age...sparring has never been on my Fun list. :)

Fighting people with no control is the worst. I am careful who I spar because of my knee.

Ellie Belen said...

Luckily when we first learn to spar the instructor allows only what he calls "sting", touching headgear and body shots just on the surface, more or less just targeting at this point. He makes sure everyone is using control.

Later on we get to go in more aggressively. But at least at this new stage, some of us learn a modicum of control.

SueC said...

I find sparring against teenagers the worst because they are so quick! We don't wear any protective gear (except gloves)because we are supposed to be touch contact only, so we really are depending on people to be in control of themselves. Unfortunately this isn't always the case! And I can't talk - I blacked someone's eye once because I mistimed a punch - I felt really guilty about that.

BobSpar said...

Thanks, all.

Mathieu said...

Keep it up.

I keep hearing our Kancho :

I wish I could still do it. enjoy it while you can and if i have one thing to say about sparring :

it is like talking. Lead or be led.



Indomitable Spirit said...

Hi Bob

I know where you're coming from, even though I generally enjoy sparring.

I'm usually pretty controlled with those junior to me, but there are those who effectively push my aggression buttons, and I will go in much much harder with them. Generally these are the people who themselves have little control.

I find it's worse in my MMA class where it seems to be almost a point of honour to damage each other. That said, a lot of these guys are training for the cage or ring, so I guess they do need to learn to take these shots.

I'm certainly guilty at times of having 'heavy' hands and I definitely target the head. I'm trying very hard to train myself out of these things!

best regards


BobSpar said...

I wonder what the Chinese characters are advertising....

Thanks for the comments, everybody.

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