Saturday, December 26, 2009

Making the Most of the Midlife Crisis

I've told people over the years that martial arts was my midlife crisis.

Martial arts, which I started in my 40s, changed my life. So I like this description of the "midlife crisis" in a Wall Street Journal article from this past week:
A growing number of researchers are defining middle age more broadly and in positive terms, as a good time to reassess life goals and chart a new course. "Midlife is your best and last chance to become the real you," declared an article on the topic last year in the Harvard Business Review, which drew thousands of emails in response, says co-author Carlo Strenger, an associate professor of psychology at Tel Aviv University in Israel and a researcher and consultant on midlife change.
This week I'll be taking a lot of classes to make up for holiday feasting.


Indomitable Spirit said...

Hi Bob

Good for you! No classes on for me to go to next week, so it's lots of bodyweight training, mobility work and kettlebells for me lol.

all the best


Alcris said...


SueC said...

Hi Bob, Just found your blog! I also took up martial arts in my forties (I'm 2nd kyu in karate)and it has changed my life too (I've become totally obsessed!).

I agree with the Wall Street Journals description of a mid-life crisis. It's your body's way of telling you to get off your backside and do something meaningful while you still can! Anyway I think 'middle-age' is for the old now - I'm just the upper side of young :-)

BobSpar said...

Hello, Alcris, thanks!

SueC, I like your new terminology for middle age!