Monday, August 18, 2008


Yesterday, at my wife's suggestion, I tried swimming as a non-impact form of cardio cross training. It may be something for me to pursue.

I'm not a person who loves being in the water, though I've been a swimmer since I was a kid. My swimming was complicated by my continuing shoulder pain--doing the Australian crawl was impossible, so I did the breast stroke, though that was also a bit of a strain. The thought occurred to me today I could even just get a half-board and kick to do my laps until my shoulder is healed.

I wasn't able to do lots and lots of laps, but I was able to do enough to suggest that eventually this could be a great form of cross training that could build my endurance. One thing I'll also have to build is the muscular endurance required to swim, not just cardio endurance.

The biggest limitation on swimming is getting to a pool. But it would be less expensive than a gym membership.

I'm thinking I might be able to swim once on a weekday and then again on the weekend--probably Sunday, given my martial arts classes on Saturday. Twice a week wouldn't make me an Olympic candidate--nothing would--but it would be a good addition to my training. And it would be easier on my middle-aged joints, feet, etc.


Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you. Swimming's new (again) to me, and I think it'll be great for karate. Plus, I'm thinking that I'll have to go to breast stroke, too, as my right shoulder is killing me.

Just remember, playing in the water(aka swimming) is fun!

BobSpar said...

Thanks, I'll remember that it's fun while I'm trying to boost my lap count! :-)

Anonymous said...

ever considered the bicycle as cardio workout?saves $ on gas, too. I suffer from torn rotor cuff on right shoulder injured in street fight with crazy neighbor(my fault, I should have run faster) and knee injuries (L and R) from motorcycle accident 1 year ago.Had to use a cane to walk for awhile, but could always cycle.maybe the bike ride to the gym and back would eliminate the need to swim for cardio workout, maybe just good warmup for swim.I am an extreme cyclist(to some)but for me 20 to 30 miles each way to work seems perfectly normal.I recently relocated to Alabama from Pa. to help out mt 83 y/old mom and her80 y/old husband.much of what you are experiencing strikes a responsive chord in me. I currently practice FMA style stick and blade MMA I learn on the internet(long live You Tube).NEVER GIVE UP!!! Peace/Out BBQ Bob 2