Friday, October 26, 2007

Boxing with Larry

On Wednesday, in my second kickboxing class since before my ACL operation, my partner was my buddy Larry, of The Family That Fights Together. We worked on drills together, trying to build the habit of moving as well as hitting.

Since there were no Level One students that day, Larry and I tried light boxing--no kicking, to avoid hurting my knee. Larry's very much in control, and he also has gone through an ACL operation (right leg for him, left for me; he jokes we can be a three-legged racing team together).

Larry's my size and about 10-pounds of muscle heavier; the biggest difficulty I had was trying to avoid moving backwards when he came at me. When I did move backwards, my knee twinged a bit a couple of times, presumably because all of my weight was on it and perhaps it was at an angle.

The new helmet was great--it protected me well, and it didn't shift or need readjusting after it got hit.

I was glad to get some light sparring in. Some bad habits have set in or remained, and I don't think on my feet as well as I would like; then then, I didn't when I was fully trained either, it's what I want to work on.

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