Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Return of the Brown Belt

Tonight I returned to martial arts class, and my friends.

This was my first class since a couple of months before my March 27 ACL operation. It was a non-contact core class, basically karate, and I wasn't kicking with my left leg. But I was able to substitute non-snapping leg motions, and I kept up with the class. The only thing I wasn't great at was scooting around an adversary following a combination (he was holding Muay Thai pads). But, hey, I was never that good at scooting agility anyway!

The best news is I didn't get hurt; and the brace felt very comfortable, though it did slip a little by the end of class.

My New Sensei, whom I have only met once before, didn't initially remember who I was, because he was asking me to kick with my left leg. But I started to pull up my gi pants leg to show him the brace, and he remembered, suggesting some substitute motions for my leg.

One of the reasons I love this school is the social aspect. My friends were very welcoming to me. But the classes are much bigger than they used to be, and there are many people in the class who don't know me yet. And I missed a little bit that "everybody knows your name" feeling. It'll feel like Cheers again some day.

I'm planning to go to three of these core classes each week, and keep up with cross training two or three days a week (including home physical therapy).

It's good to be back!

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