Friday, September 7, 2007

Life Interferes

I really, really planned to hit the elliptical machine in the gym today.

I packed a gym bag, almost making myself miss the morning train. I was going to go in the late morning, but the stock market was choppy, and, as an editor at a financial news service, I needed to stick around. Then I was going to hit the gym after 4, but some of my reporters' stories and story ideas needed a lot of input; then a former colleague called, needing help on a project; and on and on.

Even though I didn't get to the gym, I was still late getting home, I had so much to do (and the subways conspired against me). Home at 7:45 P.M., eat, greet my wife and daughter...and I'm exhausted. I'm heading to bed.

Tomorrow, I have another "core" karate class at noon; now my plan is to fit a cardio workout in on Sunday--sometime between church and a friend's surprise birthday party the next state over--and do a home or gym physical therapy session for my knee on Monday.

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