Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Good Class

I enjoyed my Tuesday night class--a great change from a week ago. We were working on slipping after punching and then moving or throwing combinations. This is very interesting stuff to me.

I've begun kicking, another step in recovering from ACL surgery. My leg feels fine. One thing I'm not doing yet--torquing my left leg (i.e., no roundhouse kicks with the right leg).

This weekend, according to my schedule, I should try interval sprints. We'll see, it's a very busy weekend.

My New Sensei asked me to hold hand pads for him to demonstrate punches during class. As minor as that sounds, it communicated to me that he's getting to know me and has confidence in me, which felt great.

As it's Wednesday, I'm taking today as my rest day from working out.


Michele said...

I am glad you are kicking. I know what you mean about piviting on the surgery leg. My latest struggle is getting into cat stance. My leg is not strong enough yet to hold the stance. My PT told me that it would take about a year to regain pre-surgery strength. The good news is that it is getting better all the time!

BobSpar said...

Yeah, michele, I can see where the cat stance would be tough. I did a lot of physical therapy based on bending the knee with weight on it--it seems to entail the quads above the knee, but also some muscles right around and below it, which I feel whenever I bend the knee with weight on it.

I'm glad it's getting better all the time!