Sunday, March 6, 2011


A day off--truly off. Went to Philadelphia with wife and daughter (college break) and saw a terrific production of Swan Lake. I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off as well. Normally between the intense hours at work, the long commute (about 2:30 on a good day), training time, family time and chores, there's little time left.

I'm training three days a week, five hours; run at the office gym ontwo days I'm not training. My weight's steadily below 190 lbs. (I'm 6'2" tall) and my conditioning's good. My sparring and, even more so, grappling skills suffered when I took a couple months easy on contact due to a rib injury. Sparring is coming back; really trying to work on a strong guard, getting angles, moving. Grappling, which doesn't come as natural will take longer. I need more flexibility,especially in my hips.

Most of all, my instructors are telling me to RELAX. In grappling, it's easier to control a board than Jell-o. In sparring, relaxing will allow me to think, move and respond better.


Rishi - LifeSciences@HCL said...

Your blog has been extremly inspiring and have been motivated by it since my surgery (ACL) last year using a hamstring graft.

Just wanated to know when was it safe to throw roundhouse kicks after your surgery.

Thanks and Best of Luck

BobSpar said...

Rishi, glad if the blog has helped you. I don't recall exactly when I started throwing roundhouse kicks again. I do know that it was even longer before I threw them well--due to the fear factor.