Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Good Week Of Training

In training, you make a plan, things get in the way, and you come up with another plan.

Monday: An hour of grappling.
Tuesday: Rowing machine at the gym at work.
Wednesday: First setback: Had to settle for one hour of sparring; couldn't stay for the second hour of grappling.
Thursday: Rowing machine again at work.
Friday: Worked late, got to class late; so I just took 3/4 of an hour of "core" class (bag workout, cardio, strength training) and one hour of sparring. Was reminded that when I'm jabbing, it's not enough to keep my right hand at my cheek--I need to move it in front of my face for protection.
Saturday: Two hours of training: First hour, grappling; second hour, sparring, which included among my first two rounds of actual MMA fighting--starting in standup, transitioning to grappling but with punches allowed.
Today: Blessed Rest.


diana said...

I really appreciate your week. I try very hard not to run or work my legs on class night because there's just no juice left after work and working out.i never thought about the rowing machine. I'm a 49 yr old 2DBB who's trying really hard just to keep up with they amazing hot shots in my school. I like your blog. Thanks, Diana Hampo

BobSpar said...

Thanks, Diana--like you, I find that a lot of my motivation is keeping up with the young hot shots! Have fun training.