Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lots of Training

Lots of training the past three days; Friday night, kickboxing at 9:15 PM, where I suddenly started to learn (with some help from him) about how to spar with a black belt who has bedeviled me for a long time. Saturday, two hours of classes, both of which became grappling classes (another learning session); and today, I went with a friend to a private trainer for some cross training.

Michele is right, it will be fun catching up in sparring. The lesson I learned Friday night was, when facing this counterpuncher with very fast hands, rely on my jab, keep circling, make him so frustrated that he will come in to attack (and be therefore vulnerable). Also to use my snapping front kick, which I've been hesitant to use--the jab of the legs.

On grappling, I'm learning when I have the opponent in my guard, I should just roll to the side and see what I can come up with--kimura, sweep, guillotine, all sorts of things can come if I just make that move.

I'm a little sore after all that training, and I have another class tomorrow night, but then a day off on Tuesday.

Good luck to everybody with their training, recovery, etc.

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Hack Shaft said...

Don't you just love it when you learn something new--and it works???

I also nominated you for an award--stop by my blog to pick it up!