Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Don't Compare--Chapter 17

I had a talk with my sensei Monday night because I was feeling discouraged about my grappling--and I need my grappling to get my black belt.

Besides feeling tired from my new job, I just don't feel I'm doing well compared to some others in my class.

He said:

1) Don't compare myself with others, who by definition are in different situations. (I'm re-re-relearning this lesson.)

2) He can see what I've overcome my fears about my knee getting reinjured--I had to do that before I could move on.

3) The new job is also draining me mentally, which affects what you can learn in grappling and how fast you can react.

He said to focus not on everything, but on two or three submissions from the guard and from side control, and to take a private lesson or two, which I'm going to do.


Steve said...

Hey. Timely post. Have you tried putting together a gameplan? I posted mine as a sample on my blog. Check it out. It might help you focus.

Take care.

BobSpar said...

Steve, this is a great idea. I'm hitting the bed right now but I will study your plan.

Jennifer said...

The don't compare sounds really familiar but I can really relate to the draining effect of a new job. When I last started a new job I wasn't able to balance my energy for practice for a couple of months.

Eloria Serenity aka Paula said...

Sometimes with my job I am on call most of the time so I have to sometimes sacrifice at least a week of classes. It sucks, but I do what I can to train. I agree with don't compare. I tried comparing myself to someone else at church the other day and the pastor pretty much told me you are who you are, be who God made you to be. Hang in there.

BobSpar said...

Jennifer, Paula, thanks for the thoughts and encourgement.