Sunday, May 11, 2008


Between work and home, I've been swamped. I only trained twice this week, and didn't work out separately at all. I've taken a new assignment at work that's is a step up, and I'm alternating between being excited, terrified, and having to work very hard to master it.

Life outside work has been demanding as well--some discouraging issues, some positive ones.

We did have a happy Mother's Day this morning for my wife, with some presents very beautifully wrapped by our daughter, and a pancake breakfast including some M&Ms in a few pancakes.

I did try my first grappling class since the bone bruise on my ACL-repaired leg several weeks ago. I took it easy, "rolling" instead of truly grappling--that is, going through the moves to learn them rather than trying to submit my opponent. (At least that's what I think rolling means--BJJ practitioners like Steve could say for sure.)

I'm concerned that the leg still hurts when I voluntarily hyperextend it, and that it doesn't feel quite right when I torque it (even gently as a test). I may go back to the orthopod to see what he suggests--probably physical therapy, though when I'll be able to fit that in, I don't know.


Davidx said...

I blundered on your blog and have enjoyed reading it. I too am a middle aged martial artist. I'm 43 now and have been doing martial arts for six years. I recently tor my ACL sparring and had surgery. I'm one week post surgery and it helps to see there is hope to return to some of my "normal" activities.

Michele said...

It sounds like your family had a nice Mother's Day. There is nothing better for breakfast than adding chocolate to pancakes!

BobSpar said...

Davidx: Welcome to the club (although it's a club I'd be happy to have nobody else join). Check out Michele who posted too, she's another ACL martial artist. I can assure you that your martial arts background has set the stage for a faster recovery than if you were a couch potato for sure. And you'll be back on the mat.

Michele, thanks, and I hope you had a good Mom's Day!

Hack Shaft said...


Good to know I'm not alone in being so swamped that I can't hardly squeeze in a workout!

Anonymous said...

I was much younger than you when I tore both my ligaments (pre martial arts and I never got surgery) crook for ages, and my left knee will never be the same again, afterwards I became a blackbelt(1dan) student trained in Seoul. Obvioulsy because of my knee I cant do 520's lol.(because of inability for landing on that leg?)
I found that spending more time on and proper "stretches" of my knee and leg training really good for my knee, I guess muscle strengthened to help support my buggered knee (muscle memory).
I found if your leg collapses, its really good to take a celery tablet after, immediately no more acid in the knee (my personal experience).
For making me have good legs, I found that you need plenty of sun on your long bones, and have milk when you finish training (I use powdered)... (I personally love forms, and try and master as many as I can in any art).
Nice blog.

BobSpar said...

Thanks, Steven--I'm always amazed at martial artists who have torn ACLs and who don't do surgery. There's one in my school, she does very well. She does wear a brace all the time in class.

Hack, I'm looking forward to hearing about your triumphant return to class!