Saturday, February 4, 2012

Seeking Balance

I've started attending my martial arts school's "core" class on Saturday mornings. It's the one day I can attend, it allows me to reconnect with the community there, and it's a great workout.

I have to be careful about kicking since my right knee no longer has an ACL. I can't torque on that leg, I have to kick in a controlled manner without too much force, and I can't balance on my right leg. I make adjustments.

I'm still going to the gym before work 4 or 5 days a week, doing cardio and weights. But the class on Saturday is a good booster for me, physically and psychically.


Anonymous said...

Who your dojo? I hope it ain't Dojo Whan Mu. He done jipped Rondell out of $150. All I learned was wax on, wax off.

Unknown said...

Keep training. You can overcome your limitations. Just because you can't kick as well doesn't mean you can't become very good at hand strikes and takedowns. Train hard and keep up the perseverance!

Bob M said...

Sifu, if I could find a school on Long Island with a Sensei or Sifu willing to work with me in the way you describe, I would do it. Right now I'm going to a gym, which helps keep me safely in shape but isn't as satisfying,