Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Life

Am I still a martial artist?

I haven't posted for a long time because I made a decision to turn my life topsy turvy.

I took a new job much nearer my home, one with a lot of responsibility and requiring real creativity. While I'm saving about an hour and a half a day in commuting time, I'm spending that extra time in the office--and my day has shifted from very early to late.

As a result, I haven't been able to make the boxing class in the evening, I get home too late. I do have time in the morning, so I've been going to the gym associated with the boxing class before work.

Since I had been doing the gym and boxing previously, I'm now getting less exercise. I also haven't had time for blogging.

The new job is with a more traditional news organization, so my time at home is a bit more my own--I'm not on the endless real-time-news treadmill. But due to the amount of work required I do spend time on the weekend working--I just have more control over when it happens.

To my question at the top of this post: I have a black belt, but I don't train because of my latest ACL injury, and now I'm not in boxing class either.

My best guess is that I will return to some kind of training, one way or another, once I feel like the new job is under my belt, and once I get a special big project underway. Until then, I'm doing the best I can at a gym to stay in shape. It's not as much fun as martial arts or boxing, that is for sure.


Michele said...

Hi Bob! Congratulations on your new job. A new job is one of my goals for 2012.

I understand the struggles of not training. There are times when I trained more and times when I trained less. It is all part of the journey...

Bob McG said...

Thanks, Michele, for the reminder about the journay. And good luck on the job hunt!

Anonymous said...

I would say you still are and I can certainly relate. I'm on year three of a failed job search -- looking for that next upper management job and keep failing. I am currently studying ASU aikido. However, it's not the best fit and I've also lost my MA focus. I have retired from blogging for the time and may take a break from MA too. My current job has a huge workload and I've reached saturation.

So I'm transitioning into a maintenance/re-balance phase. Once I hit balance and feel good mentally I shall return.

I suspect you will, too!


Marshall Artest said...

You are still a martial artist. It isn't just the body that counts, your mind is important as well and though you may not be training like you used to, it doesn't mean you aren't one.

I know how you feel though. Cause of work I have a hard time getting any training in as well. It really sucks because I miss my school and instructor. I visit occasionally, but it just isn't the same.

Bob McG said...

Thanks for the support. I see I'm not alone in grappling with change.

Anonymous said...

I let myself go for 15 years, doing hardly any exercise and traveling extensively! I did more than 150 flights last year and untill 3 months ago had not slept in my own bed for 30 days in row for over 10 years.

I was to busy working and could never prioritize exercising....It was not worth it for me. Luckily I made a lifestyle change and have now started karate for the first time. SO far so good, really enjoying it.


Bob McG said...

I hope your journey continues to be so rewarding!