Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cake vs. Training

As I write this, I'm eating a birthday cake instead of attending a very interesting martial arts class at my school. On the whole, I'm disappointed. :-)

On Saturdays, my school now offers a special class where 1) brown belts get intensive training for the black belt test, and 2) black belts get advanced/refined/different training. Today, I would be learning to work with weapons--nunchuks in particular--something my school no longer teaches in the ordinary course of things. I was looking forward to taking the class.

Instead, I'm watching over the birthday party my daughter is throwing for one of her best friends; my wife is out attending to our son. I'm pleased that I could help out my daughter. She had a few teary moments before the party, and she's happy now. And family comes first.

But I do feel like I'm missing a rare opportunity. I have to remember it will come round again.

Life has gotten in the way of training and also of this blog in the past weeks. There was the mild food poisoning the night of sparring this week. Last week, I was in the Berkshires, planning to do some running at least--and I caught a cold on vacation. Work has spilled over so late some days I was unable to make class or, in one instance where I showed up nearly 10 minutes late, I was fairly distracted during training. One of the consequences of the recession and cutbacks is everyone at work is trying to do more things.

I did get to class on Tuesday and Friday nights this week, and I felt refreshed physically and mentally the next day.

I'm sure one of the reasons I felt so refreshed by my classes was that I hadn't had much training previously; funny how training and not training can go hand in hand.


Michele said...

I missed out on the monthly black belt workout at the Honbu today. I picked up my daughter from a slumber party instead.

On the bright got a piece of cake! :) I ate a bowl of Friendly's peanut butter and chocolate ice cream.

BobSpar said...

Ugh! Kind of reminds me of Oscar the Grouch's Vanilla and Sardines ice cream.... :-)

Sue said...

Yeah, really relate to the work stuff. I swapped TKD schools about 2 years' ago - just when my work load began to increase and I'm sure the instructor thinks I'm just slack because I miss so many of the classes. But so many of the other students are uni students or have fixed hour I hate what work does to my general fitness levels and sparring capacity

BobSpar said...

Hi, Sue, I'm with you on the work conflict.