Saturday, February 21, 2009

Middle-Aged Milestone

On Monday, I will reach (celebrate isn't quite the right word) a middle-aged milestone: I'll be getting my first colonoscopy.

I'm actually overdue by two and a half years--I was supposed to get my first at 50.

From everything I hear, the procedure itself isn't bad--I'll be knocked out. But I'm not looking forward to tomorrow, Sunday, when I can't eat anything, and eventually will have to start drinking junk that clears out my inner plumbing. Newspaper columnist Dave Barry once described it something like: Have you ever watched the space shuttle take off? Well, imagine your body is the space shuttle.

Two hours of martial arts class today, following one hour each of the preceeding three days. I had to finish by doing 100 pushups, which I completed in four sets, not the three I hoped. My arms feel like they're made out of lactic acid.


Steve said...

Good luck!

Dan said...

Bob - I am a 53 year old martial artist, a candidate for my black belt in tae kwon do this May at Red Hook Martial Arts Academy in Red Hook, NY. It's been a long strange trip, training for the past five years, mostly with people half my age and twice my size (I'm 5-5, 140 lbs). I have searched, mostly in vain, for people who can relate to what I am trying to accomplish. I hope we can stay in contact. We are exploring mostly uncharted territory and I admire what you are doing. I hope you can stay healthy and keep training for another thirty years.

BobSpar said...

Thanks, Steve. Just over two hours before my doc appointment today; I haven't had anything to drink since last night and nothing to eat since Saturday, so I'm pretty eater to get it done!

Dan, best of luck in your own journey. Sounds like we'll both be testing in May, let me know what happens!