Monday, January 19, 2009

Delay of the Black Belt Candidate

I spoke with my sensei tonight, and I'm going to skip this Sunday's test and wait until May to test for black belt.

I've lost too much ground with my current illness; sensei said he wouldn't be able to sleep if he sent me to the test and I got hurt because I wasn't in condition.

The plan is:

1) Get healthy.

2) Improve my eating habits. On days when I'm training in the evening, maybe have two meal substitutes/small meals in the evening instead of a dinner soon before training, and then some protein afterwards.

3) Get back to class and train regularly.

4) Cross train by doing bag workouts, including sprint-like punching/kicking sessions. This substitutes for the interval sprinting I used to do to prepare for competition/testing, and which I can't do anymore because of plantar fasciitis (painful soles of my feet).

I would have gone if my sensei said I should, but I'm relieved I'll have more time to really prepare.


Anonymous said...

Hey, get totally well, and keep an update on how the fitness/healthy lifestyle goes - what works, what works best, etc. thanks.

Michele said...

Glad to hear that you are relieved about more time for testing. I was given five weeks notice for my last test. I would have liked more time to prepare. I hope you are feeling better.

BobSpar said...

Thank you both!

still waiting said...

(sigh)... I too am a high brown belt who suffered a knee injury while preparing for my black belt test...had 2 surgeries - meniscus in Sept, ACL in Nov...all of this after just recovering from an Achilles tear on the other leg. This blog and the others are so helpful as I sit and sit and sit and wait for the day when I can train again. That day seems so far away! BTW, in looking at your pics and reading your blog, I believe we go to the same school, except I am in PA. My husband just passed his Black Belt test on Jan 25. My daughter will be testing in May. I hope to see you there getting your belt too!

BobSpar said...

Thanks, stillwaiting; I hope to see you there as well (though I guess it's still too early to test in May?). Good luck to you and your daughter, and congrats to your husband. Drop me an email at if you want.

MMA Fights said...

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