Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lesson, the Hard Way

Michele of the "Just A Thought" blog has an interesting post on how people learn. She talks about making the effort to teach karate in different ways, since people learn in different ways.

I learned the hard way tonight about moving my head.

As my sensei explained to me later, John (the school manager) and I both threw cross punches at the same moment. I'm much taller than John. But my punch missed him because he moved his head to the left as he threw his right cross. Since I DIDN'T move my head to the left, my face came into his punch. I had a helmet on, but it was a stunner. And my pride was hurt because I felt that, with my height advantage, I should be able to hit him without being hit back.

My sensei stopped to see if I was okay, and then explained what had happened. Suddenly things were much clearer to me.

You'd better believe I was moving my head when I was throwing cross punches after that.

Now, why is it that I could be told to move my head time and time again--and often move my head when I'm just shadow boxing--but I only learned to move it the hard way?


[Mat] said...

No idea,

Strangely, we are often taught to move in a certain way for kata, and another for fighting.

Which is weird.

I learned more in two weeks of boxing than in 2 years of karate about how to move in a fight.

Mind you, I won't go testing that. :D

BobSpar said...

Hi, Mat, I think John Vesia has talked about the kata-fighting conundrum.

How did you like boxing? I guess not that much, if you only studied it for two weeks....

Michele said...

Hi Bob,
I have had many "behavior modification" moments in sparring. :)
Thanks for the link.

BobSpar said...

That's a good term for it--behavior mod.